Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Call of the countryside

I've always had a thing for houses, from the time I designed endless examples of the tree variety on the wall-sized blackboard my dad made in our basement from a big piece of particle board and blackboard paint. I never visit a friend without experiencing house envy over some cool feature or other, and no matter how many times I move I always look longingly at houses for sale.

This may explain my interest in a country home. Gardening sure can't be the attraction, considering how fast nurturing plants got old for me when I redid the front lawn last summer. In fact I thought I was over the whole second home thing, especially after my Christmas closet reorg... I know myself too well to think that if I had more rooms I would store less. I'd totally accumulate more.

Then yesterday I leafed through the latest issue of Harrowsmith Country Life and now I'm kind of smitten again. Wouldn't it be cool to have a room just for crafty stuff? and another with bookshelves on every wall and still enough space for a comfy chair or three? and a fabulous view over fields and frosty trees or, in summer, the soft nuzzling leafy kind? Even if it is more than ten minutes to the nearest retail chocolate? Oh, wait, there you go - that's all I needed to get my mind back on the scary looming work deadline. Thanks diary!


Kathleen Taylor said...

yes. I live there. And I wouldn't trade it for all the restaurants, multiplexes, or malls in the world. Even if it meant a less than 100 mile round trip to go to a movie.

Mary Keenan said...

Your pictures of the scenery around your place just make it harder to stay off the real estate listings! Hey, with all the extra closet space, I could just stock up on chocolate, right?

TexNan said...

I had to do it, Maire! You've been tagged.

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Oh, and I share your love of houses, except that I mourn every one I leave. Homes are people to me, they have personalities and I fall in love with them.