Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Thermos at home (plus a pic for Jennifer)

Forget yer office lunch - Thermoses are so practical for home use! You can make your lunch in the morning while you're in the kitchen already compiling enough stray coffee granules to brew a cup*, and heat up soup or, in my dreams, hot chocolate, then pour it into your nicely warmed Thermos. When noon strikes, you'll barely get a chance to lose your train of thought before you're right back at work!

Oh, if only... though my non-writing guilt is minimal today, as I have other commitments I couldn't ignore even if the words were flowing like a river after a big thaw. Some of them: getting on sufficient hats and serious layers of mitts to peer outside. Yes, we have cold snap. I tried out the Crusader Cap last night and can say with confidence that it is highly functional, huzzah. Still, I can't help longing for happier days, like Monday or even yesterday, when I snapped this in non-skin-damaging temperatures. Happy Wednesday, Jennifer! Hope my tree brings a little New England into your week.

* this is for illustration purposes only and does not reflect the actions of the author, who is more likely to be chasing dry tea leaves or flecks of hot chocolate mix.

1 comment:

JMS said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I just LOVE it!

While today, it is just now hitting "skin-damaging" temperatures here in East TN, there is still no snow.

I prayed for it last night. Such a fervent prayer. I'm still being taunted by the hope...