Friday, January 23, 2009

I knew I was onto something

Knitting really is all about math! I could have just believed Kathi, but you know, it's nice when the news agencies back you up too. More proof: I just designed another hat* (for my aunt this time) while actually knitting it, a notebook in front of me to record my stitches and a calculator beside me to figure out how much to increase and decrease when. Once I figured out the smallest number of stitches I needed to get it around my head I didn't have to rip back once.

Another math aspect is related to 'stash', a term which is new since I took my knitting haitus over the past few years. It means, "yarn you have purchased but are not actually using", the "and may never use" part being unspoken. I have filled almost two market bags with unallocated felting stash, plus three or four Ziploc bags of upcoming mitten or hat projects. This is apparently a dangerously low amount. The only cure is an immediate outlay of cash, hence the math.

And then of course there's time, specifically how much more of it will my thrummed mittens take, so I can start on the knitted skirty thing with which I intend to torment Karen?

* You can't tell I'm not working on the novel, can you?

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