Monday, January 5, 2009

It's in the mail

HA! I have on my counter four neatly wrapped parcels to take to the post office. Today. Before lunch, in fact, and not a moment later.

One is surplus mohair going to Binnie, who has a lint brush, apparently, and one is the Christmas hat I brought home to make longer. One is the Lucky Scarf, finally going to its intended recipient and arriving, I hope, before the huge cold snap next week. And the last is an old friend's baby present (8 months after choosing it) and wedding present (about 2.5 years after.)

It wasn't procrastination, exactly. I was just really hoping to, you know, see her. In person, with a beautifully wrapped if heavy Thing. And then her gorgeous baby arrived and I thought, well, now I'll definitely get to see her. But there it is - she lives an hour or two away, and I can't drive more than fifteen minutes without getting sweaty palms, and we both have busy lives, and let's face it, we're lucky to get a few phone calls in every year. But this holiday season I was determined. I was not going to take any more parcels to the post office without carting hers along too. It's not even wrapped inside its parcel. Finding the perfect wrapping paper would have set me back another six months, I know it. So off it goes, and what a victory!


Kathleen Taylor said...

wahoo! It feels so good to cross things off the list.

Mary Keenan said...

The lady ahead of me must have felt *fabulous* - she had 18 tidy home-wrapped parcels she was shipping around the world!