Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, I give UP

It's winter, and I don't have a single functional hat for wet snow that requires 4 rounds of shoveling (probably more, but I'm exhausted), which may explain my obsession with headgear. Or maybe my brain is frantically working away on what to do with the two main characters of my novel, and has drawn a curtain over its efforts with brightly painted pretty hats all over it with which to distract me from tinkering too early.

Nonetheless, I accept now that I am preoccupied with hats. I am constantly scanning people on the street and classifying the ones they have on for attractiveness and functionality, and finding it impossible to train my eyes on those of people with whom I am actually chatting - they are always drifting upward. So far I've resisted the temptation to snatch my friend Laura's hat off her head so I can count the stitches that make up the snowflakes on it (perfect colours, perfect fit, perfect functionality, in case you wanted to know how I grade it) - but I know I can't hold off forever.

So I've set up a new blog about hats and knitting generally - I will post tips there and everything - and I will resist mentioning them here in future to spare my hat-averse readers any additional pain. And while I was at it, I revamped my website. Yes, I know, I'm too generous.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

I do that with sweaters. I have actually followed people around stores, surreptitiously examining their cables or fair isle or raglan sleeves. So far, I have not been arrested.