Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeling the love

Astonishing news: that hat I designed and knit in about five hours the other day from the yarn I bought at the bookstore? It is just as warm, and way more comfortable, then the Crusader Cap Disaster. Truly. I wore that thing outside in -17 C weather yesterday and was so impressed that when I got home I wrote up the instructions straightaway so everybody can have one.

Since I didn't have long enough blocks of time to feel guilty about not writing, I decided to sort out some of the other patterns I made - taking pictures, making .pdfs, figuring out yardage, stuff like that. I dubbed the new hat Luxury Lid and loaded its pattern onto my website. Then for fun I got myself listed as a designer on Ravelry, and linked my two website patterns there. Well. In 11 minutes I had two very nice notes from other knitters, and somebody had added Luxury Lid to her list of possible future projects. You never get that kind of instant gratification from writing fiction!

I hope that having my head turned like this is not going to make it even harder to work on the novel today. Because on Thursdays, I really, really try to write, and after three days of looking at my chapter and screaming GAAAAGGGGHHHHH, I could use a little victory. Realistically? I will heed the call of the thrummed mitten kit. But I will try to write first, I promise.


JMS said...

I get instant gratification from writing fiction... Of course, it's called self satisfaction and that's probably a sin (???) but it always makes me feel good when I write something I like and feel it is worth sharing.

Love the Luxury Lid, btw. I just need to learn to knit now!


Karen said...

I love it! I must hie me over to Rav to check this out....